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HPE Smart Array Gen9 controllers are ideal for maximizing performance while supporting advanced RAID levels. Smart Array controllers offer encryption for data-at-rest on any drive connected to the controller. Smart Array controllers also offer flash-backed write cache to provide enterprise-class storage performance and reliability. HPE offers a complete portfolio of enterprise-class RAID controllers with fault tolerance for ProLiant servers and advancedfunctionality to simplify the user experience and maximize uptime.

HPE Smart HBA Gen9 controllers provide an enterprise level, cost-effective solution for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 and software-defined storage solutions. Smart HBA controllers offer encryption for data-at-rest on any drive connected to the controller. HPE has several models of Smart HBA and Smart Array controllers which allow for connecting to internal drives within the server or to external attached drives in a JBOD or MSA to meet the various needsfor SAS storage connectivity to ProLiant servers.

HPE hard disk drives (HDDs) deliver proven performance for any workload with reliable data integrity and security at the lowest cost per gigabyte. Available for three types of workloads: enterprise (performance optimized), midline (capacity optimized), and entry. With two interfaces: SAS (12G) and SATA (6G); two form factors: SFF (2.5") and LFF (3.5").

  • Enterprise HDDs (SAS 15K and 10K) deliver the highest levels of performance and reliability for your mission-critical and I/O-intensive applications.
  • Midline HDDss (SAS/SATA 7.2K) deliver high capacity, performance, and reliability for your business-critical applications
  • Entry HDDs are built for non-critical needs for today’s server applications and storage environments. These high-capacity drives provide the lowest $/GB.

Accelerate the performance of your data-intensive applications with HPE solid-state drives (SSDs) offering high performance and low latency for enterprise environments. HPE SSDs come in six form factors: SFF (2.5"), LFF (3.5"), M.2, M.2 Enablement Kits, Mezzanine and Add-in Cards. They are available in three broad categories based on target workloads: Read Intensive, Mixed Use, and Write Intensive

The workloads indicate the number of drive writes per day (DWPD) that you can expect from the drive.11

  • Read Intensive SSDs are typically the lowest price with endurance of <= 1 DWPD. Ideal for boot/swap, web servers, and read caching
  • • Write Intensive SSDs typically have the highest write performance, with a typical endurance of >= 10 DWPD. Ideal for online transaction processing (OLTP), business intelligence, and Big Data analytics.
  • Mixed Use SSDs are for workloads that need a balance of strong read and write performance, with Endurance typically > 1 and < 10 DWPD. Ideal for high I/O applications with workloads balanced between read and write.


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