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VXL Thin Clients: Why Thin is In

If you want manageable, secure, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure, look no further than VXL's thin client technology, built to the highest standards of quality. We have an enormous variety of Zero, Desktop and Notebook thin clients, all of which consume less electricity, are designed to save space. In addition, VXL thin clients enhance the productivity of your operators, since they work faster and there is much lower office down time involved.

VXL thin clients can be used with a variety of operating systems like WES (Windows Embedded Standard) 7, Gio Linux, WES 2009 and WES 8. For those using a Windows interface, we offer a power-packed and efficient thin client with the right mix of features.

To find out what VXL thin client works best for you, refer to the chart below:


Operating System Entry Level Mid Range High Performance
Zero Client (VMware) Vtona V200 / Vtona V240
Zero Client (Citrix) Xtona J12-z
WES 2009 F23 /F26
TC6523 / TC6526
Md23/ Md+23
Md26/ Md+26
WES 7 F24 /F27
TC6524 / TC6527
Md24/ Md+24
Md27/ Md+27 / LQ27 / LQ+27
WES 8 F29 Md29 / Md+29/ LQ29 / LQ+29
Linux K64 / K65 F64 / F65
TC6464 / TC6565
Md64 / Md65 / Md+64 / Md+65

VXL offers VXL Management Suite, which enables computer hardware to be more manageable and productive

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