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Medley India Infosolution offers the financial institutions the best & customized cloud services at affordable prices. All cloud management services are provided by us to meet your expectations. Connect with us to get robust, cost effective and powerful cloud computing services!

Banks, insurance agencies and any financial organizations can contact Medley India to get sophisticated cloud computing services. We provide all types of cloud computing services for the best prices. Be it management, designing, planning, maintenance or support, our team of experts will back you in all types of cloud computing services. Our IT engineering team is expert in dealing with public-cloud, private-cloud and multi-cloud. We aim to meet an end-to-end cloud computing needs

Our Cloud Computing Services

We are expert in all types of cloud computing services considering the applications you are using.

Hybrid Cloud- The storage aims to manage data using both off-site and local resources. It targets both public and private cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service- IaaS uses virtual machines, OS and network for providing storage, support and hardware. to meet your IT infrastructure requirements without investing in costly machinery.

Platform as a Service- Without downloading and installation, we deliver the OS and other related services over the web to save your IT infrastructure investment.

Software as a Service- Under SaaS, we host all your necessary apps and make them available over the web.

Secure your Data- At Medley India Infosolution, we stand by you to swiftly and securely move your business operations to the cloud. Our services 64-bit encryption of your data, round the clock security and CCTV security of data centers.

Our robust cloud computing service is helping a number of financial institutions. Contact us to get modern and reliable cloud computing services. No matter how big or small your organization is, we aim to serve you the best service at affordable prices. To learn more about the service, drop your email or contact us over the phone.

Customer – Thomson Reuters

Industry type – Banking and financial services

Year – 2010

Solution provided – Netmagic’s colocation and managed hosting services

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Thomson Reuters launched Elektron, an ultra-high speed network and hosting environment, that enables financial firms to access and share information faster and cost effectively in India.
  • They wanted an accessible IT infrastructure that was ‘carrier neutral’, and had direct connectivity with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
  • It was crucial for Thomson Reuter customer’s to have access to market data faster in order to drive efficient trading.

Solution provided
  • Data Center Services IDC & Managed Hosting – Colocation, Ethernet, Firewall, Switch, Domain Name
  • Infrastructure Management Services InfraManage, InfraMonitor.

  • News content is accessed by Thomson Reuters’ Customers over 300 trading venues worldwide, with direct feed from Indian cash equities market
  • Completely managed solution to enable Thomson Reuters’ customers to focus on their core business activities
  • Low latency connectivity and faster access to BSE feeds and other markets in the Elektron network enabled high frequency trading (HFT) for Thomson Reuters’ customers
  • Faster time-to-market with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as a result of reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs for Thomson Reuters’ customers
Principle in India

Customer –TransUnion CIBIL

Industry type –financial

Year -2000

Solution provided –Netmagic’s collocation and managed services

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Needed a single service provider to offer the services, and avoid managing multiple vendors
  • The data center setup was unreliable with high downtime
  • Lack of in-house resources
  • Escalating costs to manage IT

Solution provided
  • Co-located production and DR environments at separate Netmagic data centers
  • Management of OS (Windows, Linux, HPUX), DB (Oracle, MSSQL), networking infrastructure
  • Opted for Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, SOC, CNAM and WAF
  • Deployed Private Cloud on RHEV & VMware
  • Infra-manage - OS Windows, Linux, HPUX

  • Ease of management with a single window to monitor their entire IT infrastructure – network, servers, application, availability and performance
  • Gained infrastructure and network scalability to support growth
  • Higher availability and reliability with 99.99% uptime and N+1 redundancy


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