Cloud/Data Centers Solutions for Manufacturing Sector

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Principle in India

Customer –Consul India

Industry type –Manufacturing

Solution provided –Netmagic’s complete IT transformation

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Wanted standardization of IT across the company and the group
  • There was a need to consolidate Infrastructure that run the business and then chart way for next level of transformation at Consul India.
  • Lack of a robust data center facility to take care of their future IT needs.
  • People to manage an in - house data center was a challenge.

Solution provided
  • Real Estate - to host full-rack Flex system from IBM
  • Power and Cooling
  • Bandwidth - 4 MBPS
  • Managed Services
  • Infrastructure managed services

  • High availability of IT infrastructure and 99.99% uptime ensuring always-on business, and improved customer experience with zero downtime
  • Standardized IT environment
  • Secured environment to run their business
  • Data Center infrastructure setup that is reliable, robust, scalable and supported 24x7
Principle in abroad

Customer –The business enterprise

Industry type –manufacturing (engineering)

Solution provided –Netmagic’s cloud and services

Challenges faced by the customer
  • The business enterprise was operating from a high-risk seismic zone and there was a possibility of disruption in business operations in case of the occurrence of a natural calamity due to its location.
  • The enterprise wanted to set up a DR site to ensure business continuity even in the case of a disaster.

Solution provided
  • Public Cloud (SimpliCloud)
  • Cloud Storage (SimpliStor)
  • Cloud Firewall and Load Balancer (SimpliNet)
  • Physical Firewall
  • Data Replication (CA ARCserve Replication software )


  • The business enterprise can now provision compute, storage and network resources on demand in REAL TIME
  • A shift from CapEx to Opex model resulted in significant cost advantages for the enterprise
  • The enterprise is assured of business continuity and an always available DR IT infrastructure to keep its business critical applications up and running even in the eventuality of a disaster


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