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The utility sector needs robust technology to save their data smartly. With the help of cloud computing, they can achieve their goal. At Medley India, we have a team of experts to provide you with effective, efficient and affordable cloud computing services.

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We are mastered in providing varieties of cloud computing services. Hybrid Cloud- We offer hybrid cloud computing services which are a mixture of public and private cloud. Its great benefit is agility. The cloud is flexible to change its directions. Infrastructure as a Service- Medley India gives the service IaaS to save your money by keeping you away from the responsibility of maintaining hardware and network equipment. Platform as a Service- Our PaaS service allows you to develop, manage and configure apps without building and maintaining infrastructure. Software as a Service- It is all about giving you access to ap with a subscription rather than putting you in the hassle of installation and purchasing. Keep Data Secure- In case of hardware failure, there is no need to feel panic because cloud computing service will store your data in the cloud. It gives you remote access of your file and saves money on the server and other equipment. To learn more about our cloud computing services, drop your email.

Customer –Dish TV

Industry type –Service Industry

Solution provided - Netmagic's Hybrid Cloud and DRaaS Solutions

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Lack of support from the provider , need from the setup was uptime of the hosted infrastructure - which was provided much below the committed levels by the service provider
  • IT setup was impending expansion
  • Besides hardware related challenges faced by Dish TV, they had growing concerns about monitoring and IT infrastructure management

Solution provided
  • Hybrid Cloud model with Applications and Websites hosted on a public cloud solution and a dedicated cluster for their databases
  • Storage replication solution using EMC Recovery Point
  • Security solution – Dedicated Firewall with IDS
  • IPS Complete tool-driven managed DR solution – DRaaS

  • Availability of immediate instance for all infrastructure needs - agility is key to the business at Dish TV and this is clearly a plus.
  • Dish TV is able to have a fully resilient IT setup with a robust and managed DR setup, redundancy and resiliency at application as well as storage level
  • Ability to manage their technology obsolesce risk by being able to quickly upgrade their older infrastructure to newer
  • A key benefit that Dish TV has been able to derive is to manage performance of their mission-critical revenue-generating areas on the cloud
Customer – The Hindu

Year – 2016

Solution provided – Netmagic cloud

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Underlying centralized IT infrastructure was not adequate to handle business growth
  • The digital platforms were unreliable with high downtime during heavy traffic surges because of unplanned events and breaking news scenarios

Solution provided
  • Co-located production and DR environments at separate Netmagic datacenters
  • Infrastructure Management Services – managing OS, DB, networking infrastructure etc
  • Opted for Disaster Recovery-as-a Service

Benefits of Netmagic cloud
  • Ease of management with a single window to monitor their entire IT infrastructure – network, servers, application, availability and performance
  • Improved system agility
  • Better infrastructure and network performance
  • Better cost efficiencies with outsourced environment


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