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"Our Aim is to Improve Performance of National, State, and Local Public Institutions by Leveraging Innovative IT Solutions!"


The government-owned corporations are known as Public Sector. At the time of independence, India was underdeveloped and backward with a weak industrial base. Government intervention through public sector was essential to improve the Indian economic condition and making India self-reliant. Today, India has crossed 70 years of its Independence, but we are still waiting for the magic of the public sector. A large number of institutions are taken care by the public sector including health, education, finance, agriculture, and many more. In the name of development, the public services in India are performing slow, in fact very slow. Why? Let's understand the challenges of the Public sector in the country. 

Bureaucratic Interference

The current prime minister of India says that bureaucratic and political interferences go hand in hand. He believes that political interference destroys the system. The words like obstacles and difficulty need to be removed from the bureaucratic system because every problem has a solution which has to be found out. In the government sector, we often notice when a work is initiated it is stopped somewhere. When the reason is asked, the system says it is the bureaucratic way of functioning. It needs to be implemented for the development of the nation. 

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Lack of Work Dedication 

When we compare both public and private sectors, the public sector seems lacking in work dedication. From lower clerk division to higher division, all of them have lack of dedication which is making India backward. A study conducted by an associate professor at the University of California last year, it claimed 25% of teachers in government schools and 40% of medical workers in the government hospitals in India remained absent from work.

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Competition with Private Sector

There is a fierce competition between the public and private sectors in India in terms of providing better services. Private schools have more children than public schools. In fact, poor people of India are interested in admitting their kids to private schools. Not just education but also health, transport, employment, income and various other fields, the private sector is giving tough competition to the public. 

Unfriendly Environment of Consumers/ Poor Image Building

Let's take a common example of the government banks. Bank workers believe that they are hired because of demand, so nobody can shunt them out. That is why they don't work and busy in gossiping. Customers have to wait long in a queue leaving their daily chores behind which create frustration. On the contrary, workers of private banks are active and give value to a happy customer relationship. You will be surprised to know that if the bank is closed for a day, it causes around Rs. 2000 crore loss. But who cares for it. Public institutions are known for their unfriendly behaviour with customers.



Poor IT Infrastructure

Many public firms are now equipped with computers, but workers are not eligible enough to get the best output. Moreover, computers alone cannot improve IT infrastructure. Offices need more innovative technology to protect sensitive data. They need smooth internet services to maintain workflow. 

How Does IT Infrastructure Improve the Public Sector Performance?

Innovative IT Technology plays a pivotal role in improving the overall infrastructure of the public sector.

Bringing Improvement in Bureaucratic Interference

Bureaucratic interference takes place because of lack of confidence in the decision-making process in the organization. With the use of data-analytics, improvement can be noticed in the way the bureaucrats works. There are several programs which help to find out costing and creating a virtual model for a project. 

Smart Data Management

IT is making data management easy. Many public institutions have started using cloud-based data management to save their files. So, the chance of losing data has deteriorated. These institutions are now using innovative invoice tools to create invoice rapidly. Electronic data management has made sharing of data easy and faster. The income tax department of India is one of the best examples of smart data management. People are now filing online tax and the report is automatically sent to the recipient email ID as the tax is successfully filed.

Maintaining Daily Work Attendance

The attendance of employee is improving in the government sector. The latest employing punching machine has been installed to keep track of attendance of employees.

Fast Internet Services 

Schools, colleges, and banks are now equipped with Wi-Fi technology for getting the fastest internet services. This is one of the major steps towards success.

Why Choose Medley India for IT Solutions in the Public Sector

The public sector is moving towards digitalization to improve their performances and meet the challenges. Medley India Info Solution is with the government by providing robust and innovative IT solutions.  

Remote Desktop Protocol with Innovative Hardware Support Using Thin and Fat Client

Our RDP service is smooth, replacing PC to Thin Client to let you access any virtual desktop. Our cost-effective Virtual Desktop Infrastructure protects and manages your sensitive data efficiently. The technology integrates systems to resolves the hardware problem.

Protection of Data Using High Quality Software & Surveillance 

We have tried to reduce the chance of data corruption and hacking by offering powerful software and surveillance solution. Document management software, Microsoft products, and Asset management programs are offered along with the high-quality camera, digital data recorders, and server-based surveillance through DVR technology can keep your in-house environment safe and sound. 

Cloud Data Storage

What will you do if your system stops working or corrupted? You will lose important records. Our institution offers smooth Cloud storage services where the files stored in the cloud. It doesn't only protect your data but also make it flexible to open from anywhere.  

Uninterrupted Networking 

Banks, railway station, and many public institutions face the problem of networking. It creates the problem of data sharing. Our aim is to make your in-house networking flawless. No file will be stuck due to bad server connection. The system networking helps your business grow, improves storage efficiency, cut costs on software, secure data and make data sharing fast. 

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