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Innovative & Robust IT Solution for Finance Services

Challenges Facing by the Financial Sector

Banks, insurance agencies & other financial services, all are going through turmoil. The pressure of improving services, competing competitors and self-competition have made them restless. Just like the world of retail, customers are expecting finance services to be more personal and caring every time.


Customers are looking for a tailored solution, just like they expect to order their own favorite dishes at their favorite restaurant. But plenty of financial institutions are failed to provide the personalized services what customers really want. According to researchers, today's young generation don't want to waste their time in a queue waiting for their number to open their bank account, transfer money, understanding a new scheme, taking advice for investors and many more. Personalization in the financial division stands for convenience, saving of time & flexibility.

Going the Extra Mile

Complaints from consumers with their financial institution are continuously growing. Uninterrupted customer care services and action without getting delay can create a chain of happy customers. Unfortunately, many customers face a long queue over the phone to talk to the CCE team of banks. On the other hand, the poor online connection of the financial institutions causing a delay in receiving and sending emails, online live chat and resolving things technically. How will be the extra mile expectation of clients fulfilled?

Poor File Management

File management can't be overlooked. Poor records management can lead to incomprehensible and messy workplaces, irritable employees and unsatisfied clients. It will suck up unnecessary time and cause unnecessary stress. Many financial institutions are still working in a traditional style. They are still believing in keeping records on paper, so the stack of paperwork occupying space, making cabinets messy, making sharing and disseminating files cumbersome and increasing the risk of losing important data. Fortunately, banks and insurance agencies are moving to the digital world, but many of them have no special facilities to protect sensitive data from corruption and leaking. They are unaware of the advanced VDI technology.

Digitalization & Its Benefits to the Financial Institution

Banks, Insurance & Other financial institutions are experiencing unprecedented changes as it is moving towards digitalization. Less paperwork, integrated work culture, fast services, safety and convenience to not only customers but also the employees of the finance division are experiencing since the technology has been introduced in the sector.

  • Digitalization in the banking and insurance sector have impacted their work style. Now, every finance company is using computers. They are depended on their systems to store and maintain records. Now, paperwork management is replacing with storing data in the server or digital files.
  • The constant technological change and the emergence of new paradigms improving finance businesses. SMS banking and then e-banking are breaking all the records of advanced digitalization. The massive assimilation of smartphones and other smart devices in our everyday life have given the financial institution the opportunity to stay connected with their customers. The convergence of Web2.0 is resolving FAQs of customers and building a happy client relationship. Moreover, the Web3.0 has been launched which can promote access to all valuable information related to a policy and any financially related topic without using traditional browsers. Isn't it exciting?
  • These changing paradigms are impacting on customer's habits. They are now more demanding and the online electronic transaction is the result of this demand. Now, consumers can transfer money at any time and easily check the balance.
Why Choose Medley India for Financial Solutions

As the sector is moving to digitalization, challenges and expectations are growing. Medley India Info Solution is with you to make your organization safe, user-friendly and competitive by providing comprehensive IT services.

Remote Desktop Protocol with Outstanding Hardware Support Using Thin and Fat Client

Our RDP is a stateless and fanless desktop terminal which is a PC replacement technology to help customers to access any virtual desktop. We manage to provide cost-effective Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to your organization. Sensitive data is protected and managed efficiently. We know how the banking and insurance sectors invest much in a desktop solution. Our technology resolves the hardware problem.

Safety of Your Data with Software & Surveillance

It is challenging to protect data from corruption and hacking. Our powerful software and surveillance solution will keep your data protected. Document management software, Microsoft products and Asset management programs are suggested to keep the data intact. High-quality camera, digital data recorders, and server-based surveillance through DVR technology can keep your in-house environment safe and sound.

Cloud Data Storage

What will happen if the system crashed? You will lose important records. To avoid the problem, Medley offers smooth Cloud storage services where the files stored in the cloud. They are easily accessible from anywhere and the storage option can be maximized.

Uninterrupted Networking

A to Z networking services of us will make your in-house working environment smooth. No file will be stuck due to bad server connection. The system networking helps your business grow, improves storage efficiency, cut costs on software, secure data and make data sharing fast.

We have improved and latest version IT solutions to make your financial institution robust and safe.


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