Firewall Solutions for Education Sector

Firewall Solutions For Education Sector

Powerful & Effective Firewalls Solutions to Educational Organization

Medley India is All Set to Offer Next-Generation Firewall Solutions to Education Centers. Aim to Protect Your Organization's Precious Data!

Securing a network is difficult under a limited budget and staff. Medley India's Firewall solutions offer affordable yet advanced Firewall security to your systems.

We are living in the modern world where hacking computers to steal data seems not new to anyone. Attackers can go to any extent to breach the privacy of an organization. Not only financial institutions but also schools and colleges can face the problem. These attackers can jeopardize your organization sensitive data and intellectual property.

How Does a Firewall Protect Your Organization's Data?

By spoofing IP addresses, attackers can intercept traffic, send fake data and commands. Firewalls use varieties of technique to protect data. It limits traffic types and covers your IP address. In a simple manner, it limits connections to reliable networks only. Firewalls are divided into two parts- Hardware Firewall and Software Firewall.

  • Both block harmful packets.
  • The network-based Firewall provides protection to multiple systems at a time.
  • The operating system-based Firewall provides individual protection.

What Sets Medley India Apart?

We are an ISO 9000 certified IT company.

  • Providing standard Firewall capabilities- Packet filtering, stateful protocol inspection and Virtual Private Networking
  • Integrated Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • Providing special session to distribute knowledge on apps, threats and how to control the situation
  •  Cloud-based reputation services to stop traffic from dangerous sources
  • Cloud data management
  • Providing UTM (Unified threat management) Firewall Solutions to education centers
  • Providing on time service

Bible Baptist Church in Kissimmee, Florida. The church opened its Heritage Christian School.

YEAR – 2001

WatchGuard Technologies - Unified Threat Management

The church developed a significant spam problem that seriously interfered with the staff’s productivity. Even with Exchange Server 2003’s built in spam filter, some staff members were getting 200 to 300 spam emails per day. Aside from the drain on productivity and the potential threat to the network’s security, there was an increasing issue of inappropriate content exposure, especially for a religious institution.

The most dramatic was the Firebox X750e UTM Bundle’s effectiveness at blocking spam. As a result, staff productivity has increased significantly, plus management has the peace of mind knowing that employees and students are no longer subjected to offensive material. Another key benefits was the firewall’s anti-virus capabilities, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, VPN protection, easy-to-use user interface and comprehensive reporting features.
Customer - HRIT group of institution
Industry type - Education
Solution provided - Watchguard

Challenges faced by the customer

  • Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • Monitoring of student activities Cost

Solution provided

  • Watchguard UTM


  • High speed
  • Controlled bandwidth
  • Secured network
Customer – Catholic College Bendigo

Industry type – Education

Solution provided – Fortinet firewall

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Open-source infrastructure couldn’t support iPad e-learning initiative
  • Older security infrastructure nearing end of service
  • Edge security with realtime virus protection needed upgrading
  • Lack of granular-level visibility across network impeded security policy enforcement

Solution provided
  • FortiGate 300D Next Generation Firewalls
  • FortiCache 400C Appliances
  • FortiAnalyser
  • FortiGuard Security Subscription Service Enterprise Bundle
  • Professional services from Invotec

  • Successful implementation of iPadbased e-learning for Year 8 students n
  • Dramatic reduction in negative user feedback from staff and administrators n
  • Lower operational management overheads, more control over network utilisation n
  • Platform for future growth


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