Firewall Solutions for Financial Sector

Robust Firewall Solutions to Financial Institutions

Medley India Offers the Next-Generation Firewall Solutions to All Types of Financial Institutions like Bank and Insurance. Our Prime Goal is to Protect Your Organisation Data with The Advancement of Technology.

We understand how important and precious the data of any financial organization. It shouldn't be leaked at any cost. If your company has its own advanced data security system, it will be a robust solution. Considering the hype of data-stealing cases we are offering advanced yet affordable Firewall security to your systems. A Firewall isolates your system from the internet with a 'wall of code' to examine each 'packet' of data both inbound and outbound to determine whether it should be allowed to access or detain.

Financial institutions are always in the target of hackers. They seriously need Firewall security to make hacker's motto in vain. These attackers can jeopardize your organization sensitive data and intellectual property.

How Does Firewall Work?

Do you know hackers are smart? They can spoof IP addresses. They can intercept traffic and send fake data as well as commands. Firewall is a technique that protects your privacy with varieties of ways. It keeps an eye on the traffic whether it is inbound or outbound and works as a shield to your IP address. For any hacker, breaching the Firewall security is like a hard nut to crack. Firewall limits connections to reliable networks only. It has two basic parts- Hardware Firewall and Software Firewall.

  • Block harmful packets ( a technique to control network access by monitoring)
  • The network-based Firewall gives protection to more than one system at a time, perfect for an organization
  • The operating system-based Firewall has been designed for individual users.

Why Choose Medley India?

Our commitment makes us an ISO 9000 certified IT company

Enable to offer an advanced Firewall security service- Packet filtering, stateful protocol inspection, and Virtual Private Networking

Integrated Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

On your request, we can arrange a get-together with your employees to share knowledge on apps, threats and tackling the worst situation of hacking

Cloud-based Firewall security to keep your data secure from any threat

Manage your data in Cloud

Offer robust UTM (Unified threat management) Firewall services to banks and insurance agencies

Fix any problem related to Firewall earliest

Affordable Firewall solution

Customer – Monitoring of critical applications

Industry type – Financial

Solution provided – Fortinet firewall

Challenges faced by the company
  • The increasing emphasis of financial compliance regulations to ensure the integrity of data exchanges between partners created the opportunity to re architect key components of the company’s security stack
  • The criticality of maintaining near-real-time performance – especially for critical markets and trading floor applications – made throughput and the rapid execution of traffic inspections critical considerations for the new infrastructure design.
  • The magnitude and complexity of the organization’s environment created challenges in monitoring and managing the network infrastructure.

Solution provided
  • FortiGate
  • FortiManager

  • Sophisticated protection combined with unrivalled performance
  • Continued compliance with evolving financial regulations
  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness
  • API-enabled automation and intra-stack coordination
CUSTOMER – Cost effective solution for expanding LAN, WAN networks

YEAR – 2006

WatchGuard Technologies - Network Security

SRTG was finding it difficult – and expensive – to enlarge its network to accommodate expansion, monitor WAN operations, and troubleshoot problems. To stay on top of growth, SRTG had to repeatedly purchase more equipment. And to keep its highly complex network functioning smoothly, it had to outsource engineering support.

A substantial benefit for SRTG was the low cost of M2R’s solution – a benefit due in large part to the cost-effectiveness of the firewalls. Not only was the initial price less than many competitive products, their design also enabled M2R to get the job done with far less equipment. The high bandwidth of the WatchGuard products was another advantage, as the credit unions that SRTG supports generate considerable traffic.

CUSTOMER – Southern Management Corporation, Greenville

YEAR – 2006

WatchGuard Technologies - Network Security

Each branch office has at least two computers, one configured for loans, another for tax work. On a daily basis, the data is transferred via a VPN tunnel to the corporate data center for storage, back-up, and auditing. Connection to the corporate data was lost, and loan processors in the branches could not pull credit reports or access other credit data.

With the Peak unit in place, Gary began distributing all 200 Edge X10e-W’s to the field. Branch-by-branch, the dropped connections disappeared. And he began to discover the full ease-of-management of WatchGuard.

CUSTOMER – A.C. Choksi

YEAR – 2005

GajShield Security Appliance

A.C. Choksi was growing its business at a fast pace and a vital necessity for such a business was the ability to have open communications and collaborations among company, customers and employees. The Requirements –
  • solution that ensure openly robust, yet secure network infrastructure to protect information assets and to ensure business continuity
  • high network availability, data integrity, privacy and security threats
  • ease of security solution administration and management
  • Meeting logging, reporting, auditing, and compliance requirements.

A.C. Choksi implemented GajShield Integrated Security Appliance – GS 50 – 7 port appliance at the Head office’s appliance at the Head office’s Internet Gateway to ward of hackers and protects their network from viruses, spywares etc.
  • Firewall policies were defined to allow access for specific applications from the corporate LAN network to the internet and vice versa.
  • GajShield anti-virus engine for complete anti-virus protection for web surfing with gateway-level scanning and blocking of standard web protocols like HTTP and FTP.
  • Leased Line, ISDN dial up and as these users also connected to the internet there were possibility of intrusion attacks originating from these systems.
  • URL Filtering was implemented enabling the IT staff to set and enforce web access policies across an entire network without creating huge hurdles to deployment or maintenance.


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