Firewall Solutions for Hospitality Sector

Robust Firewall Solutions to Hospitality Industry

Get the Best Yet Affordable Firewall Security Services for Your Organization from Medley India. Serving Consistent & Advanced Firewall Services to Hotels, Restaurants & Many Respected Hospitality Organizations in India

Like other fields, the hospitality sector too has a fear of losing important data. Hackers can jeopardize their private information. What is the best solution to stop unwanted authorization? Nothing much than cloud data management and Firewall Security. At Medley India, you get robust Firewall security services. No matter how big your organization, we help you set the advanced Firewall security services.

What Exactly Firewall Does?

The term 'Firewall' has taken the internet by storm. It has the ability to enhance security by enabling granular control on networking and system functions. It blocks unauthorized access from the network by using a 'wall of code' which keeps an eye on each packet of data, both inbound and outbound. Installation of Firewall is easy. It prevents the third party to spoof your IP address. By knowing your IP address, hackers send fake data to intercept the traffic. Firewall works as a shield to your IP address. There are mainly two types of Firewall- Hardware and Software.

  • Blocking harmful packets by creating a wall of code
  • To protect multiple systems, the network-based Firewall services are used while for individual, system based Firewall
  • It defends resources and validates access
  • Capable of managing the network as well as traffic
  • Work as an intermediary
Why Choose Medley India for Firewall Services?
  • We are an ISO 9000 certified IT company
  • Providing consistent & advanced Firewall services including Packet filtering, Virtual Private Networking, and stateful protocol inspection
  • Consistent Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • We can conduct a session to share knowledge on apps, threats and tackling the worst situation of hacking
  • Cloud Firewall service to secure multiple systems
  • Capable of managing data in the Cloud
  • Unified UTM (Unified threat management) Firewall to the hospitality industry
  • Capable of fixing issues related to Firewall
  • Affordable solutions in the industry

CUSTOMER – Concord Hospitality Enterprises, North America

YEAR – 2009

SOLUTION PROVIDED – WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) software

The company needed a VPN solution that would work with any locally based Internet service provider, centralize security to minimize the need for onsite IT talent, and allow hotel employees to focus on hospitality, not technology.

The WatchGuard drag-and-drop VPN capability allows them to create the secure connection in 60 seconds. “Using the WatchGuard interface, it's literally as easy as a drag-and-drop from one firewall onto another, and a VPN is constructed.” It is a Solution for the Long Run, time Saving and effort through Centrally Managed Security.


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