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Every manufacturing industry has some certain challenges. They need focus to get over those challenges. So, we give them space to focus on their development by taking up the charge of data security. Firewall is one of the best security systems for any organization. If you don't want to take the chance of data leak, install Firewall software solution.

What Exactly Firewall Does for You?

Since then the Firewall has been introduced, the cases of data hacking have drastically improved. Firewall enhances the security of data by enabling granular control on networking and system functions. It keeps unauthorized access at bay by using a 'wall of code' that monitors both inbound and outbound packets of data. It is easy to connect Firewall with your system. We all know that each network has an IP address. If your IP address is in the hand of hackers, they can get unauthorized access to get or corrupt your database. They can intercept the traffic. The firewall protects your IP address. Users have the opportunity to use the Firewall with two ways- Hardware and Software.

  • Keep the doubtful packets away
  • Manage the network along with the traffic
  • Network based service to protect multiple computers at a time
  • System based Firewall to provide protection to individual user
  • It defends resources and validates access
  • Work as an intermediary
Why Hire Medley India?
  • A prominent IT service provider, certified with ISO 9000
  • Providing a range of Firewall services including Packet filtering, stateful protocol inspection and Virtual Private Networking
  • Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and Unified UTM (Unified threat management) Firewall services
  • Conducting a session on your request to provide information on threats, hacking and applications to prevent hacking
  • Cloud Firewall service to secure more than one system
  • Manage your data in the cloud
  • Affordable Firewall services

Jay Ushin Limited

YEAR -2014


WatchGuard Firewall

Quantity: 8


  • Access to applications needs to be instantaneous.
  • Need to monitor employee Internet usage so that bandwidth gets used only for business purposes.
  • Wanted to set up their IT security policy and ensure that it was uniformly administered.


  • HA mode ensured uninterrupted connectivity and smooth failover from one appliance to the other.
  • Bandwidth usage policies were created which helped in its effective utilization.
  • Access was granted to visit authorized websites only.
  • Centralized policy administration helped in uniform implementation of IT security policies.
  • Centralized management ensured that all IT activities of employees could be monitored at the click of a button.

SKH Metals ltd.

YEAR –2012


WatchGuard Firebox

Quantity: 12


  • Firewall OS software is outdated and no longer supported.
  • Anyone on the Internet can access the firewall via unencrypted HTTP connections.
  • Rules exist without logging which can be especially problematic for critical systems/services.
  • Passwords are set to the default which creates every security problem imaginable, including accountability issues.


  • Implement of policies for different user group types which includes blocking of unproductive web pages and applications.
  • Configuration of QOS policies for better utilization of the bandwidth and stops the wastage of the bandwidth.

Principle in India

Customer –Hero Honda

Industry type –manufacturing

Solution provided –Cyberroam firewall

Challenges faced by the customer
Honda faced Internet access and security issues related to:
  • Spam mails
  • Malware attacks originating from mail and Web
  • Web filtering
  • Bandwidth choking
  • Lack of Internet usage accountability led to malicious sites being surfed, which in turn infected the network with a host of spyware.

Solution provided
  • Bought four cyberroam appliances
  • One 250i Cyberoam UTM appliance for corporate office in New Delhi and one each for the production plants at Dharuhera and Gurgaon.
  • deployed all the Cyberoam appliances in bridge mode

    • Benefits
      • Cyberoam's anti spam feature effectively got rid of 9000 odd spam mails per day. The employees were pleasantly surprised to find spam-free inboxes.
      • As spam disappeared, inter-office connectivity benefited greatly
      • Bandwidth used to connect remote offices was also saved.
      • Internet access is now productively focused.


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