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Advanced Firewall Solution to Public Sector

Keep Your Office Data Secure with High Quality Firewall Services from Medley! Hacking Cases has Thrilled the World and Firewall is an Innovative Technique to Secure Your Data from Unwanted Users

Like private organizations, the public sector is also at the risk of data loss, damage and leak. Why take the chance when you have the best solution in form of Firewall. Any public institution can use the technique to keep their computer data safe. The public sector has been targeted time and again by hackers to hack important data. Firewall is a technique that can save data in various technical ways.

What is a Firewall?

It is an innovative data security solution for individuals and organizations. It reduces the chance of data hacking to a great extent. It enhances the security by enabling granular control on networking and system functions. With the help of a 'Wall of Code,' it keeps the third party away by monitoring both inbound and outbound packets of data. The installation process of the Firewall is easy. It secures your IP data because by known your IP address hackers can hack the data and cause damage. Users have the flexibility to operate a Firewall with two ways- Hardware and Software.

  • Both ways are advance to keep harmful packets away
  • Get control on traffic and block a suspicious ID, it doesn't matter whether it is outbound or inbound
  • It defends resources and validates access
  • Work as an intermediary
Why Choose Medley India?
  • Network-based service to protect multiple computers at a time
  • System based Firewall to provide protection to the individual user
  • An ISO 9000 certified organization
  • Serve a range of Firewall services like Packet filtering, stateful protocol inspection, and Virtual Private Networking
  • Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS) and Unified UTM (Unified threat management) Firewall services
  • Ready to impart knowledge on the Firewall and how to handle the hacking situation
  • Cloud Firewall service to provide data security to the entire organization
  • Manage the data on the cloud
  • Affordable Firewall services

CUSTOMER – Central Electronics Limited

YEAR– 2011

WatchGuard Firewall
Quantity: 1

Central Electronics Limited is a Union Government owned engineering company based in India. They required a network security solution that would enable reliable and safe connectivity for all appliances on the network. Operators and employees inside the company, as well as administrators of the technical equipment needed a secure Internet connection. Additionally, all visitors and guests also require reliable, secure Wi-Fi access. Maximum security of the entire network was critical.

Central Electronics Limited was able to immediately recognize the benefits of the easy and intuitive management tools that come with WatchGuard appliances – implementing comprehensive network security.
Benefits are:
  • Provided effective network-wide security with seamless management.
  • Provided intelligent, layered security for advanced networking and traffic-management capabilities, as well as simplified network configurability and administration.
  • Centralized and easy-to-use manage.
  • Secure platform, flexible and scalable.
CUSTOMER – Binh Duong Post Office (BDPO), Vietnam

YEAR – 2010

SOLUTION PROVIDED – WatchGuard Technologies - Network Security

Vietnam plans to develop a world-class national information communications infrastructure, using optical, broadband, and satellite access across the country. BDPO, with its dispersed workforce of 1,000, operates a massive network, connecting the main post office with smaller outposts located in remote towns and villages across the province.

BDPO was able to immediately recognize the benefits of the easy and intuitive management tools that come with WatchGuard appliances – WatchGuard® System Manager, WatchGuard® Firebox® System Manager, and HostWatch – implementing comprehensive network security for all province offices. Supporting four WAN connections, BDPO was able to use the WatchGuard system across four ADSL internet links, enabling total bandwidth optimization.
CUSTOMER – Corporate Information Services, City of Stirling

YEAR – 2006

WatchGuard Technologies - Network Security

The City of Stirling was faced with the challenge of improving the flexibility and responsiveness of information and communication technology (ICT) to the business.
City of Stirling, embarked on modernising the city’s ICT infrastructure and systems which included upgrading the organisation’s WatchGuard firewall infrastructure that, at the time, had been in place for more than seven years.

With seamless deployment and ongoing reliability, they oversees extensive, annual penetration testing of the WatchGuard firewalls.
With the City of Stirling running recreation centres, six libraries, child care facilities, and the usual range of municipal facilities, the IT team leaves nothing to chance and the robust quality of the WatchGuard product has proven its strength year after year.
CUSTOMER – Varun Shipping

YEAR – 2005

SOLUTION PROVIDED – GajShield Security Appliance

The upsurge in viruses, worms, Trojans and blended attacks was beginning to be causes for concern. Varun Shipping actively started scouting for Security solution for protecting their network from Internet-borne viruses and malicious hacker attacks. Being a growing organization they were looking for a security solution which would not only scale up in terms of security applications but also users.

Varun Shipping implemented GajShield Integrated Security Appliance at the Head office’s Internet Gateway to ward of hackers and protects their network from viruses, spywares etc. Firewall policies were defined to allow access for specific applications from the corporate LAN network to the internet and vice versa. Intrusion Prevention System was deployed to deeply inspect the packets for identifying malicious packets and intrusions. URL Filtering was implemented enabling the IT staff to set and enforce web access policies across an entire network without creating huge hurdles to deployment or maintenance. Client-to-site VPN tunnels were established with depots and for travelling users to allow them access to their emails, Oracle applications, Network share etc.


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