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A hospital is a place where technology and treatment go hand in hand. Equipping a healthcare center with innovative IT solutions can ward off document corruption, office mismanagement & interrupted communication, compliance issues!

Medley India Info Solution is continuously working to improve the medical services of India by providing groundbreaking IT solutions.

Healthcare Challenges

Shortage of Doctors

India added more than 400 million people over the last 25 years, according to the latest 2016 population report. The unexpected growth of population has created a shortage of doctors, especially in the rural areas of the country. The public health institutions right from primary care to tertiary care like AIMS, all are facing the same problem. The Indian government needs to take necessary steps to fill the requirements of doctors in all necessary health care centers.  A survey says that there is one doctor per one thousand patients. This is seriously a medical emergency of the country.

Long Queue to Wait for Your Number

Waiting for your turn for treatment is something which is intolerable. You don't need to go anywhere to search such hospitals that keep patients waiting for not only hours but also days for treatment. AIMS is one of the best examples of it. Getting your number for treatment from AIMS is just like a ticket to heaven. The prime reason for the long wait is the traditional method

Poor File Management

We at the computer stage, but many healthcare institutions are still maintaining a patient's history in the handwritten document which needs a separate chamber to keep data safe. This poor file management has created mismanagement of the data.

Lack of Communication

Like banks, all healthcare centers need to be centralized to bring a new development to the healthcare field. Lack of communication in hospitals sometimes pushes small city patients to big cities for better treatment.

Poor Infrastructure

In the name of infrastructure, the private sector is providing 58% of the hospitals and 81% of the doctor in India, according to Economic Times. Hospitals in India are dealing with the shortage of beds. Sometimes, a bed in the hospital goes vacant for hours due to mismanagement.

Lacking in Research Facilities 

Why hospitals in India are failed to provide new research reports in the medical science. The prime reason is that the doctors of the country's hospitals find hard to get united and conduct research. When a research is conducted, it needs a team of specialists. 

E-HealthCare Facilities - Changing the Work Style of Today's Hospitals

  • The working style of healthcare units is improving. The major credit goes to the digitalization. Many hospitals are utilizing digital services that have improved their working pattern to a great extent.
  • Healthcare institutions are now using computers to store and manage their data. Computers have made the data management task easy and simple for healthcare. Now it is easy to locate a patient's medical history with the help of computers. Replacing computers with handwritten folders is saving the time of not only hospitals but also patients. Hospitals are now able to attend many patients than previous days.
  • E-healthcare facility is improving communication gap in the hospital premises.  Most healthcare units, especially private units, are now well equipped with Wi-Fi facility. It enables them to transfer data easily and connect with doctors through e-communication like live chat and video conferencing. Many hospitals are trying to reunite with the help of technology to check patients and even perform surgeries
  • Book your appointment online! Many multispecialty hospitals have their own web portal which allows candidates to book an appointment, check report status and appointment status. Some of them are offering SMS service to keep patient's alert for their medicines and appointment.

Why Choose Medley India for Healthcare Services

As the healthcare sector is moving towards digitalization, challenges and expectations are growing. Medley India Info Solution is stand by you to offers high-quality IT solutions at competitive prices.

Remote Desktop Protocol with Outstanding Hardware Support Using Thin and Fat Client

Our RDP service is revolutionary PC replacement technology which doesn't need a hospital to carry separate hardware for each system. Your sensitive data is protected and stored in one place. It helps avoid data mismanagement and loss.

Protection of Data with Software & Surveillance

A hospital doesn't want to disclose everything publicly. Patient's medical history is private as well as many hospital data is the hospital property. Our powerful software and surveillance solution will keep your data protected. Document management software, Microsoft products, and Asset management programs are offered. High-quality camera, digital data recorders, and server-based surveillance through DVR technology can keep the in-house environment safe.

Cloud Storage

Missing an important file can impact the hospital's reputation. We know the fact, therefore, offer cloud storage where the data is saved to the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

Uninterrupted Networking

Do you know a powerful networking system helps your business grow, cut costs on programs, keep data safe, data sharing easy and improve storage? Our impeccable networking service promises you to achieve these qualities. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get robust and safe IT solutions.

Video conferencing for remote consultations

Digital Displays for dissemination of information

Statutory compliance

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SGT Medical College, Hospital & Research Institute

YEAR – 2014

Ruckus ZoneFlex WiFi
Quantity: 300

Wi-Fi from other vendors/equipment was unable to provide required performance with 5000+ users accessing simultaneously.
Challenges faced by old Wi-Fi network:
  • Speed Performance
  • Security
  • Uniform coverage
  • Variety of device
  • Coverage issue and Connectivity

SGT Medical College decides to deploy the WiFi network to provide better engagement, enhanced and collaborative learning to provide real time information from anywhere in the campus and hostels.
Benefits of wireless networks are as follows:
  • Battery Saving
  • High-Speed
  • Cost Effective
  • Greater Connectivity
  • Secure and Easy Access

Principle in India

Customer – Rajeev Gandhi cancer institute

Industry type – Healthcare

Solution provided – Accops HyWork and HyDesk

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Wanted consolidated wanted desktop management spread across the hospital and research center.
  • Existing PCs which had completed their life span were to be replaced

Solution provided
  • RGCIRC has replaced more than 50% of the PCs with HyDesk devices and full VDI running on VMWare ESX.

  • Centralized desktop management.
  • cost and better support

Kosmos Superspeciality Hospital

YEAR – 2012


Microsoft Windows Software

Quantity: 30


Software piracy (i.e. unauthorized possession, use or distribution of software) is highly damaging to the Hospital. Since the use of pirated versions of software it results in security breach, data loss or incompatibility, potentially harmful in environment of the Hospital. Minor problems like lack of security, inadequate software performance, and ineffective data audits were being faced by the staff of the Hospital. The most critical issues are:

  • Security and Privacy.
  • Interoperability and Information Exchange.
  • Data Management.
  • Asset & Supply Management

The basic advantage of the software is, it supports all hospital operations, which helps you to keep a check on all the activities to be performed in the hospital. Benefits of the Software:

  • The software improves hospital administration.
  • Keeps a record of patience details and necessary information.
  • It improves the productivity and efficiency.
  • Improves data security.

Mankind Pharma

YEAR –2017


Accops TSE

Number of License: 25


Mankind Pharma had serious issue of access of SAP applications over a public Infrastructure from 3rd party devices like PCs, Android devices & other phones. There were serious issues of security & End Point consistency check for these devices.


The IT team found Accops TSE to be a cost effective alternative to 2x,Citrix to deliver SAP B1 application delivery to its distributed user base. Accops also provides Mankind with a dedicated customer support, access ERP in their Android or IPhone and easy-to-use web-based management console.

CUSTOMER – Neibauer Dental Care

YEAR – 2005

WatchGuard Technologies - Network Security

Each office had its own practice management system, storage of X-rays and patient records. But when the company opened its fifteenth location, it had reached the point where it needed to centralize. They transfer digital X-rays and scanned documents through a central practice management system, so we have substantial bandwidth capacity needs.

The WatchGuard solution is the annual savings of well over $1 million for connectivity, for a solution that is robust, secure and includes a hardened data center. WatchGuard not only provides the security functions that we need for HIPAA and other regulations that are tied to us, but it lets us secure our offices, each accessing the patient records from a central location.
CUSTOMER – Midwest Eye Consultants, PC (MWEC)

YEAR – 2006

WatchGuard Technologies - Network Security

MWEC’s practice sizes are diverse, ranging from single-practitioner offices to fully staffed surgical centers. A central practice management system (CompuLink EyeCare Advantage) runs out of the corporate data center, over Citrix sessions, to handle scheduling, accounting and related business functions. Due to the fact that these records include confidential patient data, the company is subject to HIPAA regulations for data security and integrity.

The number of compromised machines dropped significantly. Every location that had Web Blocker rolled out had the number of infections reduced significantly -- very near zero.
CUSTOMER – Hamilton Health Sciences

YEAR – 2010

SOLUTION PROVIDED – WatchGuard Technologies - Network Security

The existing Symantec solution was struggling under the load. “The problem was instability,” We would get calls all the time at the help desk about emails not coming in. We had to reboot the boxes every couple of days and run defrags on the database quite often. There was a lot of maintenance that went into it.”

The WatchGuard Reputation Authority identifies emails from known spam sources, and rejects the connections from those sources outright at the perimeter. More than 95 percent of emails arriving at Hamilton Health Sciences are rejected based on unknown recipient addresses alone. The WatchGuard XCS units also allow much finer control for content-based detection, which flags an additional one percent of incoming emails as spam.


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