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Medley India Infosolution Pvt. Ltd. is all here to support the hotels, restaurants, food chains, tourism companies and hospitality institutes of India with innovative information technology services. With the help of technology, strugglers in the sector can give a tough competition to their competitors. They can improve their service quality and uplift their business. Medley India aims to help you out through Thin Clients, Firewall, Networking, surveillance and software solutions at affordable prices. Updated IT solutions are provided to improve your service.

Challenges in the Hospitality Sector of India

The hospitality sector in the country is facing many challenges. We are highlighting the major ones.

Shortage of Skilled Workers

It is one of the toughest challenges the industry is dealing. The unavailability of a quality workforce of different skill levels has deteriorated the work quality of many hotels and restaurants. They fail to retain professionalism. The current study reveals that around 25000 students are trained in the sector every year, out of which 60% join the industry and the rest 40% switch to other jobs. It creates a wode gap between the demand and the supply of skilled manpower. It is one of the major obstacles that diminish the performance of hotels and restaurants.

Poor Infrastructure of Hospitality Institutes

There are two major perspectives related to the training and availability of trained professionals in the sector- Industry perspective which is all about employees or demand and institutional perspective, related to employees training institutions. The hospitality institutes fail to provide well-qualified professionals. The newly trained workers have no adequate entrepreneurial skills. They have not received training on the latest technologies because outdated pedagogies are followed by most institutes. Even the faculty are lacking in the required skills.

Poor Supply Management

Many hotels and restaurants are facing poor product supply management. Late delivery of products often becomes the reason for the poor performance of hotels. It impacts their business growth and overall development.

Using Old Technologies

When comparing hotels in India and hotels in the USA, the major difference we can see is that the hotels in the USA are more updated and well-equipped with modern technologies than hotels in India. Still, there are many hotels and restaurants in the country using old model desktops, locking doors using conventional keys, relying on old calculation methods and poor data management.

Poor Remuneration

When the remuneration of hotel employees is compared with the remuneration of people working in the IT, banking, retail, and other sectors. It comes up as a prime reason that motivates the youth of the country to switch to other job opportunities than hospitality.

Long Working Hours

Poor work management in the hospitality sector is the main reason for long working hours. It causes dissatisfaction among employees.

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How is IT Sector Contributing in the Hospitality?


Gone are the days when room booking was placed physically. These days, from 5-star to 3-star properties, in fact, small hotels are providing online booking facilities. They are using the internet services to provide remote booking facility.


The handwritten registers have been replaced with computers to manage records of customers. They are using smart data management to maintain the work record of employees also.


Almost all hospitality properties have free Wi-Fi service for their customers to provide faster downloading and browsing.


Hotels and restaurants have their own web portals from where consumers can directly book their tables or rooms. They have newsletters service to keep users updated with their services.


Many big investors in the sector have even launched their personal apps to connect with their regular customers. The service is helping them to stay connected with customers and maintain happy relationships.

How Does Medley India Helping the Hospitality Sector?

Replacing Desktop with Thin Clients

A Thin Client is a Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP) which is like Windows Terminal Services and Citrix ICA. The innovative technology can give hotels control on several systems with one hardware. The sensitive files and records will be stored in the data center giving the data extra protection. Our service aims to equip your premise with Thin Clients.


We offer high-quality networking solutions to the hospitality sector by providing durable routers, switches, cables, and a WiFi connection. Your internet service will be uninterrupted and with high speed. Our dedicated internet service will never let you down.

Hardware Services

Medley India is one stop for getting Hardware products. Hotels looking White Boards, projectors, monitors and the fast server can contact us. We offer international standard projectors and white boards to equip your conference hall with the best technology.


Security solution of Medley India is robust. Firewall solutions and hardware firewall solutions, both are designed to block unauthorized access to computers in your network. We install a hardware firewall to save your money in maintenance and installation. Our Firewall standard capabilities include Network address translation, Packet filtering, stateful protocol protection and virtual private networking.


Medley India provides intelligent retail surveillance solutions to meet all kinds of challenging demands. We strive to save your money in the surveillance by remote management platforms such as CMS and POS. High-quality ISO certified CCTV cameras, digital data recorders, and physical intrusions are some of our high-end services.

Software & Cloud Data Storage

Hotels and restaurants maintain monthly and yearly data. Some of them are sensitive and highly important. Our cloud data storage facility will keep your files intact. You will never lose them even the system is damaged or corrupted. To make your calculation of the budget, tax, GST and every prospect, you can get software solutions from us. Customized programs have been designed considering your needs. Get employee management tools, GST software and any software which you think that can boost your business can be ordered from us.


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