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Innovative IT Solutions for Today's Manufacturing Units

Recent studies have shown that by implementing your digital services manufacturing units can increase their manufacturing benefits up to 30%. New technologies can pave the way for better efficiencies!

These days a lot is being said about 'Make in India'. The aim is to take Indian business globally through innovation, creativity & technology. Therefore, Medley India steps forward to improve IT services of manufacturing units in India. Be it a multinational or a local manufacturing unit, all can feel free to connect with Medley for getting robust IT solutions.

Challenges of Manufacturing Units in India-

Workforce Quality

Around 60% of the businesses are facing the problem. Scrambling for hiring well-qualified workers comes up as a barrier to business growth. The technology and manufacturing are related to each other; therefore, it needs highly skilled workers. At this point, manufacturers have to give priority to train their workers and collaborate with professional associations to recruit talent.


The technology is constantly changing. In this scenario, how manufacturers develop products and interact with customers can increase the IT security risks. A survey says that many manufacturers fail to secure their data and don't take interest in performing annual intrusion test. It increases the risk of losing important and private data like client details, product designs, financial record.

Relying on Existing IT Systems

Nearly every new piece of equipment or technology is imbued with data capture and record management to be well-informed with the production. The innovative technology is known as IoT or Industrial Internet of Things. Real-time monitoring through IoT based sensor can help efficient use of the machines and send alert when maintenance is required. The intelligent machines need to replace with traditional machines.

On the other hand, many manufacturing organizations are working on traditional style desktop computers. It increases data security and risks.

Keeping up with latest IT Technologies

Skilled manpower for implementing new technologies is scarce and expensive which many of the MSMEs are unable to get and are forced to use old technologies. However, with advent of cloud and managed services, with pay by use like electricity bill payment has taken away the need of specialised manpower and cutdown in opex costs.

Poor Data Management System

Manufacturing units have to implement their data management strategies. Gone are the days when data is maintained on excel sheets. Today's advanced technologies of Data Analytics help management to take quick actions. IT department can then focus of aligning IT to business needs.

Lack of Communication & Work Integration

There is a big communication gap seen in the management of a manufacturing company and its employees. With the current technologies of signage, display systems instant communication between management and shop floor can be filled.

E-Technology Advantages for Manufacturers

Latest IT technologies can help you in improving your production, profits, security and much more.... Medley is fully equipped to help manufacturing sector to achieve their goals.

Many big manufacturing units are training their new employees. The remote training program is going on where highly skilled mentors train employees remotely. It is all possible because of live video or online classes.

To stop cybercrime, many manufacturers have stepped forward to start using high quality data security software. Client's data is safe with them. It cannot be hacked.

Now, manufacturing units can focus on their work more than calculating expenditure, profit, loss and tax. Software can minute by minute details of monthly/yearly expenditure, profits and loss. Filing tax and managing tax details are easy with innovating tax programs.

Communication gap is decreasing with latest communication technologies like online live video conferencing. It has connected employees with management and management with clients. Management can save their time and focus on their work production by organizing meetings with live video conferencing.

Old desktops can be replaced with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The innovative technology doesn't need a hard drive for your system. It is a cost-effective way which saves money, your sensitive data, memory etc.

Why is it necessary to carry a bulky laptop all the way to access Outlook contacts and production report? The smartphone in pocket can access all important data. The smartest thing is known as cloud computing, saving data in cloud to access it anytime and from anywhere. Isn't it exciting?

Medley India is there to help?

  • Medley India has the right skills and knowledge to provide you solutions to help you
  • Medley India Infosolution Pvt. Ltd., A professional IT service providers in Delhi will help you in this regard.
Remote Desktop Protocol with Hardware Support

Our RDP service (Thin and Fat Client) is a revolutionary PC replacement technology which doesn't need a separate hard drive for each system. The remote desktop gives proper control and protection of sensitive data. It helps to avoid data mismanagement and loss. Protect Your Info with latest security solutions & Surveillance A manufacturing unit wants to keep its client details, production report and many things private. To prevent them from leaking Firewall, many powerful software and surveillance solutions is offered by us in form of Document management software, Microsoft products, and Asset management programs. We also arrange high-quality camera, digital data recorders, and server-based surveillance through DVR technology can keep the in-house environment safe.

Cloud Storage

Missing an important file can impact the production. We know the fact, therefore, offer cloud storage where the data is saved to the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

Uninterrupted Networking

A powerful networking system helps your business grow, cut costs on programs, keep data safe, data sharing easy and improve storage. Our impeccable networking service promises you to achieve these qualities. We are dedicated to provide our clients with the latest multi-location connectivity economic solutions that using SD WAN.

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