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Like every field, the retail sector of India has its own challenges. The field is highly competitive. Still, the Indian Retail Industry is the 5th largest in the world. It is one of the most important pillars of the Indian economy and one of the fastest growing industries in India. It contributes around 8% of total employment. The total spending of the retail sector is expected to double in the next coming years. Even having continuous progress in the retail field of India, there are some challenges which cannot be ignored. If these challenges are resolved, the progress scenario can be seen in every aspect including sails, production, budget and employment.

Retail Formats in India
  • Hyper Marts
  • Mom-and-pop stores (family owned business)
  • Departmental stores (general retail merchandisers)
  • Convenience stores (located near your areas)
  • Shopping malls (one place to hold many brands and services)
  • E-Retailers
  • Discount stores (factory outlets)
  • Vending (retailing through vending machines)
  • Specialty Stores

Challenges in the Retail Sector of India

The Indian retail industry is progressing, but the progress is slow because of several reasons. Let’s talk about them.

Struggling to Meet the International Standards

Even though India has more than 5 million outlets of different sizes and styles, it is struggling to match with the international standard. There is a countable number of stores that match to the standard. In terms of hygiene, facilities, and technology, most retail stores in the country are lacking. It still has a long way to go to match the standard.

Poor Supply Chain Management

When you visit a mom-and-pop store to buy a particular item, you often notice that they don’t have proper items. Even big retail chains complain of the poor supply. Traditional stores do not maintain any report of what they need and what not to maintain consumer needs. It affects their business growth.

Competition with Big Foreign & Indian Retail Chains

The retail field in India is highly competitive. Traditional stores are facing huge competition with big budget modern retail stores. These big stores have attracted more than 10% of consumers of local traditional stores. They are offering discounts to lure customers. Thus, the field is facing tough competition.

Lack of Space in Retail Stores

Most of the retail outlets in India have space less than 500 square feet which is very small by the international standard.

Manpower Problem

Many retailers are facing a shortage of well-trained workers. Organizing special training for workers is not a cup of tea for small retailers. Moreover, retailers working in the traditional manner. They don’t have computers and special software for making retailing easy.

Frauds in Retail

It is one of the primary challenges facing by many retailers. Thefts, shoplifting, vendor frauds and inaccuracy in administration and supervision are some challenges which difficult to handle.


How Is IT Sector Bringing Development in the Retail Sector?

IT sector has lots of potentials to change the face of the retail sector.
Poor Infrastructure is on the way of improvement. Many retailers have equipped their premises with computers and CCTV cameras. They are now maintaining their data in the computer. The use of new technology is improving their performance.
Since GST has been introduced, it has become a big headache for retailers, especially small ones because they cannot afford a personal accountant. Many GST programs have been launched to resolve their problem. They are user interactive and easy to install. Retailers can handle them alone to calculate and file GST.
Managing and tracking inventory has always been costly for retailers. But, they can make it easy with an installation of the app that offers inventory management. It will track the purchase cycle and offer real-time information. It means the stores will hardly face a shortage of any particular product.
Just like inventory management, it is tough to handle selling and buying details. The technology market offers price auditing software which can make the time-consuming work so easy and fast.
POS system is on the way to India. It will change the face of the Indian retail sector, especially big shopping stores and hypermarket. With the welcome of the POS technology, customers have to no longer wait to purchase their merchandise. Customers can check out from wherever they are in the store through handheld scanners, printers, and computers.


Medley India Services for Retail Sectors

Medley India Services for Retail Sectors

Remote Desktop Protocol with Innovative Hardware Support Using Thin and Fat Client

If you are planning to introduce the POS system in your shop or you have several computers to manage data, consider our RDP technology. It replaces PC to Thin Client to let you access any virtual desktop. Our cost-effective Virtual Desktop Infrastructure protects and manages your sensitive data efficiently. It will eliminate the hardware issues.

Protection of Data with High-Quality Software & Surveillance

Keeping data in the computer without any security is risky. You may lose your important files. Our powerful security software, Firewall service, and surveillance solution will keep your data safe. We offer document management software, Microsoft products, and Asset management programs. Moreover, you can contact us for a high-quality camera, digital data recorders, and server-based surveillance through DVR technology.

Cloud Data Storage

What will happen if you lose your monthly sell records? It will be a nightmare experience. We will save you from this shocking incident. Our institution offers smooth Cloud storage services where the files stored in the cloud. It keeps your data not only protected but also give you the freedom to access it from anywhere.

Uninterrupted Networking

Now, data transfer will be so easy and fast using our service. No file will be stuck due to bad server connection. Our uninterrupted networking service will let your business grow by improving storage efficiency, cutting costs on software, securing data and making data sharing fast.

Feel free to contact us for further discussion!

Jubilant FoodWorks (earlier Domino’s Pizza India)

YEAR –2014 (till date)


VXL Instruments - Thin Client & Peripherals

Quantity: more than 7000


The IT team was spending good amount of time supporting desktop breakdowns. Apart from productivity loss, it was difficult to repair the desktop in the store environment due to limited space. As outlets multiplied, the management was conscious to keep the IT budgets optimized but ensure agile business productivity. They wanted IT to deliver much more than just provide basic desktop support.


Problems with settings like user acci¬dentally deleting the pre-defined con¬nections were resolved by restricting default settings by putting password in the thin client setup. Medley proposed a thin client with internal power supply. This new model was better suited as it reduced one external failure component. Capex spent on desktops went down by almost 45 percent and the service support calls have reduced drastically. Besides, the major difficulty of repairing desktops at outlets has been eliminated to a great extent.

Big Boy Toyz Pvt. Ltd.

YEAR –2016


Ruckus ZoneFlex WiFi

Quantity: 4


  • Unreliable wireless for handheld supply chain devices.
  • Unreliable wireless for handheld inventory control PDAs.
  • High capacity for dense client connectivity.
  • High coverage for vast two million square foot manufacturing facility.
  • Robust VoIP capabilities.

  • Up to four-fold increase in production line product scanning.
  • Higher speed Wi-Fi data rates at longer ranges, eliminating many “Wi-Fi dead spots”.
  • Improved quality and reliability of VOIP system.
  • Entire manufacturing plant has coverage and capacity for their handheld supply chain inventory management devices.
  • Handheld performance no longer an issue.
  • Lowered cost of supply chain management.
CUSTOMER – Kama Jewellery

YEAR – 2005

SOLUTION PROVIDED – GajShield Security Appliance

Kama Jewellery is into exports of jewels, it was very important for them to protect their important data like jewellery designs from viruses, spyware and adware. They wanted to create category based internet employee management policies and allow/disallow restricted access to websites as well as stop spyware’s and adware’s from infecting their network.

GajShield’s Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System is being used to protect 100+ employees at Kama Jewellery. It’s URL blocking is also used to keep productivity high and to stop information leak by disallowing uploads of attachments to personal email addresses. Category based blocking was implemented to stop misuse of internet access by categories like pornography, video, mp3, spywares etc.
Customer –Rybrook Holdings

Industry type – Retail

Solution provided –WatchGuard

Challenges faced by the customers
  • Wanted to integrate diverse retail outlets with diverse needs
  • Anywhere from four to over one hundred users each – was no small feat.

Solution provided
  • Built a central MPLS network connecting all the Rybrook locations and one Princess site, safeguarded by a single, central WatchGuard M500 firewall.
  • The remaining Princess sites all link to this corporate system via their own VPN networks, protected by WatchGuard XTM 25 devices

  • The WatchGuard appliances enabled Rybrook’s IT team to block unwanted apps and malware – or even entire categories of websites – with just a few simple clicks.
  • WatchGuard’s monitoring helps in seeing when the company’s network capacity might be threatened
  • WatchGuard’s security also protects Rybrook’s clientele, who naturally expect exceptional support.

YEAR – 2009

WatchGuard Firebox virtual private network (VPN) solution

The need for frequently changing, secure remote connections to corporate information systems plus enough power to cope with the exchange of graphic-laden plans and documentation mean that network speed and flexibility are essential. Of Grocon's total base of employees and contractors, approximately 400 regular IT users need to be kept connected to corporate systems.

It's a barrier box between the real world and us, but it also handles all the VPN tunnels from site to site. So, wherever we haven't got a dedicated or point-to-point link, we can put in a Firebox X Edge and configure a tunnel literally within 30 minutes. The ease and efficiency of doing this has given us an immediate boost in security.” Internal security measures have also been enhanced with management able to specify or restrict staff access to applications as required. Grocon's VPN access to have moved off the Fireboxes and onto the WatchGuard SSL device, after which the core WatchGuard Firebox X 1000 will be upgraded and retained to act as an internal firewall.
Goodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana, Inc

YEAR – 2005

WatchGuard EdgeTm X10e and X20e appliance

Goodwill’s nine locations are geographically widespread, many of them 30-40 miles apart. The cost of connecting them via dedicated circuits was simply not viable for a not-for-profit organization. Yet according to Pamela Pee, IT Specialist, “We needed to communicate better. When I came on-board, the stores didn’t even have PCs. It was fax machines and phone calls. We needed to get to data feeds, online forms and emails. So one of the first things I did was to get together with Intrasect on a plan to get our locations connected.”

Solving the connectivity problem was job number one, but Goodwill and Intrasect identified several other advantages from the WatchGuard solution.
  • Compliance with Accreditation Standards
  • Centralized Management of a Distributed Enterprise
  • Greater Efficiencies Through Standardization
Capital Computer Exchange, Inc

YEAR – 2004

SOLUTION PROVIDED – WatchGuard Fireboxes

The key problem facing was maintaining reliable, secure virtual network connections between their widespread locations. They wanted all employees to have the features of a sophisticated telephone system and to have the convenience of simply dialing an extension to reach each other. And, wanted all tenants’ calls to ring centrally and be answered by a receptionist.”

Several features of the WatchGuard devices that proved ideal for configuring and optimizing the VoIP deployment.
  • Traffic Shaping for Prioritizing Voice Calls
  • Fine-Tuning Through Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
  • More Reliable Business Application Performance
  • Happier Employees and a Satisfied Engineer


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