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Medley India Infosolution PVT. LTD has Come Forward with Authorized Software Solutions for School, Colleges, and Institutes. We aim to guide you the best software that meets your needs.

What is software? A program/software is a set of instructions that instruct a computer to do a specific task. It eases our work and helps to maintain proper workflow. With a high-quality program, we can expect consistent work with quality.

Why Does an Institute Need Software?

Whether you are running a school, college or an institute, you need high-quality software for varieties of purposes. The management department of an institute needs to maintain daily attendance of teachers, generating an invoice for tuition, management of teachers' invoices, tax calculation and keeping the record of expenditure and savings. The excel sheet cannot alone help you. It requires help from software to maintain the whole records, generating invoices, calculating tax and expenditure.

What Sets Medley India Apart?

Customized Software Solutions

Medley India Infosolution PVT. LTD, is a complete IT solution provider. We understand that each organization has their own unique requirements. We aim to meet those requirements by offering customized software solution. We develop the software that meets your institute needs without any hassle.

Assistance to Install & Run a Program

Some programs are easy to install and run, while some need technical guidance. If you want to take help from us to install and run a program, our expert will be sent to your venue. Our expert will sit with your employees to teach them step by step.

Guiding You the Best Software

The IT market offers a plethora of programs. You don't know which one will suit your organization. We help you filter the best program for your organization. Our work unit will guide you software considering the operating system and your requirements.

Keep You Updated with Upgraded Versions of Software

Once you associate with us, we keep you informed about the upgraded version of the software you are using in order to improve your performance. We also suggest you the latest programs that can make your data management task easier.

Our software solution services for the education sector is affordable and flexible. Contact us to know how we can help you. 

ABES Engineering College

YEAR –2015


Newgen Software - Omni Scan Low Volume, OmniDocs Professional Services

Quantity: 4


Challenges faced by the customer due to this manual handling of documents-

  • The searching of documents/student records among thousands of files was a challenge for the registrar office staff.
  • There was a risk due to loss of physical document.
  • Quality of the physical documents deteriorated over a period of time, which made the readability of the documents a challenge.
  • During/after the recruitment process if the placement company asks for a document for verification then locating the document after initiating the request, took almost a week’s time. Then the retrieved document was scanned and sent to the concerned verifier.


  • The electronic capture and storage of the admission related documents mitigated the risk of loss/damage of physical docs.
  • The captured electronic records of students were tagged with business values which made the search very easy to retrieve the student records. There is no need to refer to the physical documents in the warehouse.
  • The access to the electronic document anytime, anywhere across all the stakeholders simultaneously in the registrar office is possible.
  • Any query for the verification of the student marks can be easily addressed in real time by searching the electronic image of the student and mailing it to the concerned verifier.


YEAR –2012


Ms Windows Server Std 2008 (A.E) Oip Device Cal Ms Win Remote Desktop Services Cal 2008

Quantity: 100


Software piracy (i.e. unauthorized possession, use or distribution of software) is highly damaging to the school. Since the use of pirated versions of software it results in security breach, data loss or incompatibility, potentially harmful in environment of the school and classrooms. Minor problems like lack of security, inadequate software performance, and ineffective data audits were being faced by the teachers as well as students.


After the installation of Microsoft software the audit problem and devices are fixed. The Microsoft windows license has been purchased and the policy has been made known to administrators, teachers and students. System protection software is also attached that prevents system modification and software installation on school computers.


Industry type –Education

Solution provided –Accops HyID

Challenges faced by the customer
  • To manage the critical business servers including Windows and Linux servers
  • Ensure auditing of the access by support team, who are privileged users
Solution provided

Aptech has deployed Accops HyID so that all access to the Windows and Linux servers goes through an audit process Benefits

Strong security as whenever a user tries to access a server using local or domain administrator account, the user must authenticate using their personal accounts and must also provide OTP for two factor authentication.


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