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A program is all about to simplify our work. It helps to ease the workload, It saves money, time and effort. All in all, programs have several advantages. They are one of the most remarkable creations of mankind.

Why Healthcare Needs Software Solution Services?

A hospital is a place where you cannot expect a single error. Mismanagement of patient's data can lead to a wrong treatment to a wrong patient. If you think carefully, it is one of the biggest risks that can tarnish the image of a hospital. Apart from the patient's data. a hospital needs to take care of their employee work management. With the help smart programs, error-free data management can be possible. It will improve work performance of a hospital and help build a reputation. There are lots of other advantages of using the software in the healthcare world.

Why Medley India for Software Solution?

Customized Software Solutions

We understand the need for customized programs for healthcare services. After analyzing your challenges, we offer a custom software solution. The software you get from us is easy to manage, configure and safe to use. They are designed in a way that can be upgraded and modified easily. You can able to get the best output using our programs.

Installation and Running the App

Sometimes, it is complicated to understand how a program works. For this, you can take help from Medley India. We have a panel of experts who will guide at every step. From installation to running an app, our expert will guide you at your doorstep.

Guide You The Right Program

It is tricky to choose a program when there are endless options. In the case of software, there are many programs to choose from. If you are puzzled, we help you out to choose the best program after considering your requirements

Keep You Well Informed for the Latest Updates

When a program is upgraded, a new feature added to improve its performance. Our duty is to keep you well informed about this upgrade and let you install the upgraded version. Our experts keep an eye on the latest development of programs. They also guide you the best alternative of a program.

Affordable Services

Our software solution services are affordable because customer satisfaction is the prime priority of Medley India

Mankind Pharma

YEAR –2017


Accops TSE 

Number of License: 25


Mankind Pharma had serious issue of access of SAP applications over a public Infrastructure from 3rd party devices like PCs, Android devices & other phones. There were serious issues of security & End Point consistency check for these devices.


The IT team found Accops TSE to be a cost effective alternative to 2x,Citrix to deliver SAP B1 application delivery to its distributed user base. Accops also provides Mankind with a dedicated customer support, access ERP in their Android or IPhone and easy-to-use web-based management console.

Kosmos Superspeciality Hospital

YEAR – 2012


Microsoft Windows Software

Quantity: 30


Software piracy (i.e. unauthorized possession, use or distribution of software) is highly damaging to the Hospital. Since the use of pirated versions of software it results in security breach, data loss or incompatibility, potentially harmful in environment of the Hospital. Minor problems like lack of security, inadequate software performance, and ineffective data audits were being faced by the staff of the Hospital. The most critical issues are:

  • Security and Privacy.
  • Interoperability and Information Exchange.
  • Data Management.
  • Asset & Supply Management

The basic advantage of the software is, it supports all hospital operations, which helps you to keep a check on all the activities to be performed in the hospital. Benefits of the Software:

  • The software improves hospital administration.
  • Keeps a record of patience details and necessary information.
  • It improves the productivity and efficiency.
  • Improves data security.

Principle in India

Customer – Rajeev Gandhi cancer institute

Industry type – Healthcare

Solution provided – Accops HyWork and HyDesk

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Wanted consolidated wanted desktop management spread across the hospital and research center.
  • Existing PCs which had completed their life span were to be replaced

Solution provided
  • RGCIRC has replaced more than 50% of the PCs with HyDesk devices and full VDI running on VMWare ESX.

  • Centralized desktop management.
  • cost and better support


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