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A program is all about simplifying work management. It is an advanced technology to improve work performance of an organization, maintain work accuracy and privacy. The software is a set of instructions that give the system instruction to perform a particular task. The software can be customized as per one's requirements.

Why Manufacturing Industry Needs Software?

A manufacturing industry has to struggle when it comes to maintaining a record of production, employee work management, calculating and managing data, Maintaining work accuracy is one of the major challenges that they often face, Software that targets the needs of manufacturing units can simplify their workmanagement to a great extent. A customized program is capable of saving time, money and effort.

How Does Medley India Help You?

Customized Software Solution

We are specialized in developing software that meets your demands. A complete custom solution is offered after analyzing your needs. Each program we design is easy to operate because of the interactive interface. We aim to prepare the app that can easily modify and upgrade.

Install & Run An App

If you are looking for assistance to install and configure an app, Medley India is ready to help you out. We offer smart installation and configuration services. Whether you are looking to install OS, any third app and upgrading an app, feel free to call us. Our expert will provide doorstep services.

Guide You The Best Software

With so many programs to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to find the right one. Leave the task on us. Considering your needs we suggest you a well-suitable program,

Keep You Well-Informed to Upgrade Your Programs

A program is upgraded to improve its work performance. If you want to keep yourself well-informed about your program upgrading, Medley India will help you. Our experts keep an eye on the upgrading of programs. They also guide you the best alternative of a program.

Affordable Services

Our software solution services are affordable than our competitors. Our biggest remuneration is your satisfaction.

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Harvest Gold

YEAR –2013


Accops (Private Cloud): Secure remote access solution using HySecure

Number of license: 200


Harvest has a India wide presence and requires access to their web based application (Sicon, VTM) and other corporate applications across India. They use Sicon and VTM as ERP and need to deliver it to end users (Depot). While accessing Web Based ERP Harvest used to faced lots of challenges like If the Primary gateway of any ERP goes down, they have to manually switch to secondary gateway and doing this process to multiple users was lengthy process. Control over internet was also a biggest challenge for end users. Before HySecure they were having Web filtering solution which slowed down their ERP.

The major challenges are:

  • Security and Reliability
  • Dependence
  • On single gateway service


  • They protect the end users machine from Internet attacks and unwanted Internet access by user.
  • User is allowed to access only the published applications configured by Harvest IT team on HySecure server and corporate network.
  • Only secured and locked down end user machines can connect to the data center without creating point-to-point network or buying too costly MPLS network.


YEAR -2012


Vxl Thin Clients

Quantity: 100


Sahu Exports was is expansion phase in year and wanted a cost effective low failure machine for using ERP in the manufacturing area which has high heat, Dust and Humidity environment. With VXL ITONA 7C00-L2F5R5, and later Vxl TC D00S L5F5R6, both Linux embedded we provided a solution on Microsoft Remote desktop services using which they further connect to Microsoft Remote desktop services to give a virtual desktop to the user.


Reduced Downtime of the machines in the factory environment, lower maintenance and Lower Total cost of Ownership.

Principle in India

Customer – Aditya Birla Group

Industry type – manufacturing

Solution provided – Accops HyDesk

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Due to company factories’ extreme environment including heat, dust, chemical and humidity, desktops were not working efficiently.
  • Could not find high quality, rugged devices for the factory environment

Solution provided
  • Went for HyDesk to be very rugged devices
  • Small form factor and with completely on board design with no fans and no cables.

  • The embedded design reduced the risk of the rust and plastic melting.
  • The low power consuming HyDesk HY2000 device requires no cooling and can work in high temperatures.
  • Integration with HyWorks ensured that the IT person does not need to visit each location to manage the virtual desktop or device configuration.
Customer - Thermax

Industry type- Manufacturing

Solution provided – Accops HySecure

Challenges faced by the customer
  • Needed secure access to business applications like ERP, CRM, Emails from branch offices, factories and when on-road.
  • Needed a secure access method to allow vendors and consultants to have time bound access to specific applications with strong endpoint entry control.

Solution provided
  • Accops Hysecure

  • Successfully delivering business applications securely to end users.
  • The performance, simplicity and flexibility of HySecure solution has been the best among the competitive products.


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