Surveillance Solutions For Hospitality Sector

High Quality Surveillance Services to Hospitality Industry

Medley India Infosolution Pvt. Ltd. is One-Stop to Meet Your High-Quality & Advanced Surveillance System needs along with Networking, Management of Surveillance Recorded Data, Intelligent Video Surveillance & Remote Surveillance...

Medley India Infosolution Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in offering surveillance services to the hospitality industry. We are associated with many reputed hotels and restaurants to provide on-time installation and maintenance services of CCTV and other surveillance equipment. We have a dedicated team of experts who ensure each surveillance system of your organization is running smoothly. We understand how challenging it is to keep an eye on each corner of the hotel. It is difficult to appoint security in each corner. CCTVs provide real-time alertness so that you can take action without getting any delay.

How are We Different from Others? Integrating Networking with CCTV for Remote Surveillance

With times we have upgraded our surveillance services to equip your organization with the latest security systems. We have now come up with a unique service where we integrate CCTVs with your laptop or smartphones through advanced networking to provide you real-time view no matter where you are. The facility will help you take an appropriate action whenever things appear suspicious.

Managing Surveillance Recorded Files

Large hotels and chains of restaurants find difficult to keep a record of their surveillance. We work on your behalf by providing centralized management of surveillance recorded files which is all about IP video management. Our experts make sure that each recorded data saved with a unique file name and date to encourage easy data management.

Taking Care of CCTV Cameras

We are specialized in installing and maintenance of CCTV cameras, On time service, is offered to install and fix CCTV units at your address. We offer competitive installation and maintenance surveillance services.

Shop Surveillance Systems

We are not just surveillance service providers but also a seller of branded CCTV and surveillance equipment, We are planning to introduce new services like physical Intrusion detection systems in the surveillance services to provide the best security. Consult us to learn more and how we can help you!


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