Surveillance Solutions For Utilities Sector

Medley India Infosolution Pvt. Ltd. Aims to Make the Utility Sector Safe & Productive with Advanced Surveillance Services Along With Networking, Remote Data Management, Intelligent Video Surveillance and Much More at Competitive Prices

The utility sector in India is facing lots of challenges. They are facing tough competition along with in-house production management and much more. Our surveillance services will equip your unit with CCTV and remote monitoring so that you can keep an eye on the inside environment of your unit. It will help you to take real-time action. There are tons of benefits of surveillance systems. Medley India Infosolution Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in offering high-quality surveillance services to all big and small units. Our services are high-quality and competitive.

Why Choose Medley India?

If you are looking for sophisticated remote surveillance services, we will provide you for the best prices. Our expert team will integrate CCTVs with your laptop and smartphones to let you get the inside view anytime and from anywhere. Remote monitoring will help you take appropriate action at the right time.

Management of Surveillance Recorded Files

We are ready to take up the responsibility of the remote management of recorded files by offering centralized management of surveillance of recorded files which is all about IP video management. Our remote management will manage your recorded data strategically, holding a unique name as well as the date.

Maintenance & Installation of Surveillance Systems

Don't waste your precious time to look for maintenance and installation of surveillance systems. We are specialized in installing and maintenance of all types of advanced and basic surveillance equipment.

Shop Surveillance Systems

We have an extensive range of branded CCTV and surveillance equipment to meet your needs and fit your budget.

We are always in search of upgraded surveillance services. We have a plan to introduce physical Intrusion detection systems and other advanced surveillance equipment soon. Contact us to learn more about our services.


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