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Thin Client Solutions for Education Sector

Cut Costs improve TCO while providing Rich Computing Experience to your students

Whether it is a school, college or university all sections of Education sectors can use our Thin Client Solutions for Education which have been designed to meet the technical expectations of all big and small educational institutions.

In today’s highly competitive environment, not only students but also schools and colleges are facing tough competition in terms of providing superior class teaching experiences under their budget. Our Thin Clients Solutions for Education bring improvement in the computing experience, provide teachers and administrators control and enhance student learning.

What is a Thin Client Solutions ?

Thin clients run an operating system locally and carry flash memory instead of a hard disk. Whole data and apps are stored in a central server. The technically advanced thin clients offer the same experience as on a computer. It can be used for networking, browsing, terminal emulation and much more… One of the major components of the solution is the thin client management console which gives permission to remotely manage all of the deployed thin clients.

Benefits of the Solutions

At Medley, we not only design but also deploy the solution for our clients. They are based on Linux and Windows and other operating systems using RDP or ICA protocols.

There are multiple benefits of Thin Clients for education system. Cost Savings

It saves IT support cost, upfront purchasing cost, getting license cost and total administration cost.

Energy and Cost Savings

The average consumption of power of the technology is around 8-20 watts compared to a 150 watts computer. So the electricity cost is saved. Since they use less energy they emit less heat thus saving on air conditioning costs. Moreover, since they use less energy organisations save on UPS costs as well. Since they produce less heat institutions can save on air-conditioning costs as well

Easy Management

The data centre is responsible for software updates, changing appliances, security policies etc… A huge manpower is not required to fix technical problems individually as it is required with PCs

  • Bring smooth work flow that enhances the productivity
  • Centralized laptops, desktops or other devices that you access
  • Easy to setup

Superior Security

  • Thin clients are highly advanced solutions offer security from unauthorized software
  • The data is only saved in server, not in a hard disk or other location
  • Due to centralized process, it is easy to keep an eye on the security system
  • Maintain high level privacy
  • Students cannot modify data as it is safely residing on the server.

For Students

  • Provide students PC like experience with smooth browsing, roaming and multimedia support
  • Make the learning process smooth by focusing mainly on teaching, not troubleshooting
  • Data protection is provided with powerful administrative controls, providing ultimate virtual computing


Medley has been supplying VXL Thin clients since 1990’s and have vast experience in Thin Clients and server based computing in various verticals.

  • Medley provides complete Thin Client solutions for education institutes
  • Offer cost effective solutions
  • Ready to setup and guide you as our best
  • Give you time to time assistance if required
  • Reliable services to manage your IT solutions under the budget


YEAR – 2012

VXL Itona Quantity: 52


They require a complete system and server, in which the main server has all the data and information saved. The teachers, students and school staff can gather, collect and store the data and information whenever they want. For the development of school and classrooms with proper technology, they require easy to use and management system with privacy and security.


There were two computer labs in schools i.e., for junior classrooms and for senior classrooms. The complete installation of server and the VXL thin clients was made. There was a set up of total 52 VXL thin clients, i.e., 30 thin clients for junior classes and 22 thin clients for senior classes.

Some of the prime benefits -

  • Low Maintenance cost
  • Reduced Power consumption.
  • Easily manageable
  • Data management
ABES Engineering College

YEAR – 2013

Vxl Thin Clients Quantity: 600


ABES required VLC media player, open office, xampp, pdf reader and Turbo C to be run locally on thin client. Initially we tested on windows 7 embedded. But then due to License costs and Price reduction we had to test on Linux- Ubuntu ver 12.1. We installed all required software on Ubuntu and provided a demo unit to the customer which was successful.


  • Thin clients are more robust and maintenance free than PC’s.
  • VXL is one of the world leaders in thin clients and VXL TC have very less down time and a long terms support benefit.
  • Using Ubuntu Linux we were able to give significant cost savings to the customer.
Customer - Conroe Independent School District

Industry type – Education

Solution provided – VXL-Lenovo Thin ‘ThinkPad’ notebook

Challenges faced by the customer
  • They needed an affordable notebook that delivered an extra-long battery life performance through an external battery facility.
  • Need for a reliable and class-leading I.T. supplier that made economic sense
  • Wanted thin clients that were durable, tamper-proof, virus protected, secure and low in energy consumption.

Solution provided
  • After conducting a series of tests on competitor thin client devices, Conroe choose the high-performance VXL-Lenovo Thin ‘ThinkPad’ notebook with crucial external battery facility

  • Lowered the school’s annual IT capital expenditure.
  • Combined with the low power consumption and lower overall maintenance requirements, the notebooks also guaranteed further total cost of ownership savings.


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