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Thin Client Solutions for Financial Sector

Provide secure and long lasting desktop for your staff while cutting costs
Like other sectors, financial services do need higher quality security and dependability. It needs world class IT
environment to manage work and maintain accuracy. Thin Client Solutions for finance from Medley has the capability
to equip banking, insurance and other financial service providers with top quality IT solutions, greater security,
flexibility, improved reliability and enhanced manageability at a lower cost.

what are Thin Client Solutions for Financial Services?

A Thin Client is a PC replacement technology that has been designed to quickly access any virtual desktop. It is a centrally management device with no hard drive. This technology provides financial services a cost effective way to create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Desktop virtualization allows end users to access their data and apps from any location because the technology separates the physical location of a client device from its logical interface. The financial sector can find multiple benefits by replacing PC with Thin Clients. The industry can able to find high level security, work with more unity, increase its work productivity, simplify management and save cost.

Key Benefits of Thin Clients Solutions for Financial Solutions

Medley has endeavoured to offer high-end IT solutions for multiple industries. Thin Clients for finance from Medley stands for multiple benefits! Let’s find out:

Implement Potential Risks

Security for the data is challenging for every financial companies. With Thin Clients, they can reduce the risk of unauthorized downloading, harmful apps and file sharing.

  • The solution manageable computing infrastructure keeps sensitive company and customer data safe.
  • The centralized data protection helps to mitigate with compliance challenges.
  • The solution simplifies disaster recovery, meet regulatory requirements

Simplified Management

  • Centralized data management and storage offers control on the IT environment easily.
  • Higher reliability and easy deployment provide freedom from time-consuming administrative and face less

technical problem, improve the overall performance of the company

  • Software maintenance, upgrades and patches, all perform in the centralized data centre
  • Enhance the speed of CPU to achieve more in less time
  • Give PC like experience with smooth functioning

Green Computing

Green IT concept is nurture under Thin Client. It consumes average of 8-20 watts as compared to average of 150 watt per PC. It saves cost by saving electricity and reduces emission of CO2.

Why choose Medley for Thin Clients Financial Services

Medley has been supplying VXL Thin clients since 1990’s and have vast experience in Thin Clients and server based computing in various verticals.

  • Medley Thin Client solutions are available at an affordable price.
  • High-end technical support
  • Save energy
  • Technical assistance to network & understand our solutions

To learn more on Thin Clients for Financial Services from Medley contact us info@medley.co.in

Sand Martin Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

YEAR –2011


Vxl Itona



Facing a number of IT challenges caused by an aging IT infrastructure, the Sand Martin Consultants was concerned about maintaining its excellent customer service.

Problems are -
  • Aging desktop PC hardware
  • Product reliability
  • High cost of maintenance.
  • Need for reliable and class-leading, server based I.T. infrastructure.
  • Scalable and offered centralised
  • Remote management and excellent security.


Aware of VXL’s reputation for leading thin client hardware and industry knowledge of desktop virtualisation, Sand Martin Consultants contacted Medley to undertake an evaluation of suitable thin clients that not only fulfilled its latest requirements but also those in the future.

Benefits are:

  • Processing power
  • Connectivity
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Data was secure
  • Lost of power reduction
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CUSTOMER – Anglia Co-operative Society

YEAR – 2001

SOLUTION PROVIDED – VXL Itona thin client

The company faced a number of challenges regarding the effective movement of information to the point of need. Whilst the Society had an efficient AS/400 environment, it recognised the need to move away from expensive, unreliable and insecure PC’s as the desktop client. These were proving to be a major drain on scarce I.T. resource as reconfiguring or relocation required an on-site visit.

The VXL Itona was a clear winner. The unit is reasonably priced, has no moving parts and has a powerful inbuilt wireless adapter. Processing power, storage capacity and memory were all reviewed and a custom configuration created. The Itona thin client meets all of desktop requirements and they have deployed them in all areas of business from central administration and retail outlets through to warehouses and funeral homes. This suits everyone as they do not have to wait for an IT representative to visit their site to carry out re-cabling or re-patching.
CUSTOMER – Kodungallur Town Co-operative Bank (KTC)

YEAR – 2002

VXL ‘Itona’ thin clients

The KTC Bank was concerned about maintaining its excellent customer service. In particular, business operations were beginning to be affected by the aging desktop PC hardware due to product reliability and the high cost of maintenance. Furthermore, support for the bank’s growing number of branches, 17 to date, was also under strain, leading the KTC Bank to recognise the need for a reliable and class-leading, server based I.T. infrastructure. One that not only made economic sense, but was also scalable, offered centralised and remote management as well as excellent security.

KTC Bank were interested in processing power, low power consumption and connectivity, eventually choosing VXL ‘Itona’ range of desktop thin clients, including the TC43, 65 and 67 series with WES 7 operating system. Importantly, the switch to VXL thin clients as opposed to traditional PC desktops also had a beneficial effect on the company’s annual IT capital and maintenance expenditure and due to thin client’s lower power consumption, also ensured greater environmental benefits.


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