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Thin Client Solutions for Hospitality Industry

Rugged, Long lasting and energy saving solutions for hospitality sector

Thin clients are ideal desktop solutions to cater for high temperature environment in kitchens to airconditioned environments of hospitality Industry. The icing on the cake is the cost savings through less energy costs , less load on Air conditioning and little or no requirement of UPS.

For front office which is different from the administration department, we serve Thin Client solutions for all aspects of front-office deployments like booking, reservation, digital display and customer care…

How Does Our Thin Client Solutions Work?

A thin-client is a lightweight computer which is depended on its server to perform computational roles. Therefore, it develops virtual desktop environment and gives control on the server administration.

The cloud based system provides multiple benefits.

  • Reduces software maintenance (software patching, updates and OS migration, all are attempted at one instance thus improve administration efficiency)
  • High quality security (whether it is a corporate or a hospitality industry, security of data is must to maintain, Thin Client solutions centralized the work and easily fire-walled, sensitive data are retained in case of desktop loss or theft)
  • Hardware optimization (hold a computer terminal that provides I/O for a mouse, keyboard, monitor and ports for USB devices)
  • Centralized work management create harmony in the work environment which is necessary for the hospitality industry.

    Our Thin Lab Solutions for:

    • Hotels
    • Food chain services
    • Department stores
    • Resorts
    • Any hospitality and entertainment world businesses


    Cost savings due to lesser energy consumption and lower air conditioning requiremenets

    • Lower the total cost of ownership
    • Improve IT solutions of the company
    • Impressive data security system developed
    • Proper work flow
    • Transparent work environment due to centralized computing
    • Time management
    • Develop work harmony
    • Energy Saving

    Why Medley

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CUSTOMER – The Oberoi

YEAR – 2015

VXL Itona
Quantity: 40

  • Technology is outpacing investment.
  • Commodities cost more
  • No Security and management
  • Requires maintenance, operational efficiency & productivity.

      • A more secure environment with business-critical data and applications managed from a centralized server and not from vulnerable remote terminals or desktops.
      • Significantly reduced power and energy consumption to support an organization's key green initiatives.
      • More efficient and secure exchange of information and data than traditional PCs - a centrally managed network feeding a series of thin clients across the hotel.
      • Simplified Management, Enhanced Security and Increased Productivity.
CUSTOMER – Lazza Ice Cream

YEAR – 2004

VXL ‘Itona’ thin clients

As a large and well established company that operates over many existing locations, Lazza faced a growing number of IT challenges. In particular, the existing desktop PC hardware was proving to be a drain on resources due to product reliability and the on-going high maintenance costs. Furthermore, to support the company’s growing number of locations, 27 to date, Lazza also recognised the need for a reliable and class-leading, server based I.T. infrastructure that not only made economic sense, but was scalable, offered centralised and remote management as well as excellent security.

Lazza selected the VXL ‘Itona’ range of desktop thin clients, in particular, TC43, C and 65 series including both Linux and WES 7 operating systems.
Importantly, the switch to VXL thin clients as opposed to traditional PC desktops also had a beneficial effect on the company’s annual IT capital and maintenance expenditure and due to thin client’s lower power consumption, also ensured greater power consumption savings.
The outstanding product performance was very important, but it was also VXL’s ability to recommend the right IT solutions and show the cost savings to our business that was also critical”. "Furthermore, it only took a few minutes to deploy the thin clients compared to PCs and combined with the quick After Sales support, made VXL solution an even more attractive proposition."


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