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Thin Client Solutions For Utilities Sector

Thin Client

Highly Innovative, Productive & Smart Alternative to PCs

We invite the Utility Sector to replace their traditional PCs with modern style Thin Client computers. They are highly efficient IT solution to make the Utility Sector more focused and determined towards its jobs.

The Role of IT in the Utility Industry

The utility industry work management is primarily based on the IT department. Computers carry all the necessary data from production to distribution. Imagine if a computer that has several important data is crashed or hacked what will happen? It is obviously a critical situation. The entire work culture will influence. Productivity can go down. So the IT department plays an important role in the utility industry.Thin clients can work in adverse environment like heat, dust, EMI and RFI interference.

Thin Clients for Powerful IT Solutions

Thin Client solution will prevent your data from loss and any type of security threat. It creates environment of cloud computing where the power of data management, data storage and application updates, all are controlled by servers. Easy replacement of the system is possible without any potential risks. In terms of security, thin clients protect your data from unauthorized access. Data cannot be copied to a disk or any other location because it is saved in the server. Centralized processing makes security system more powerful.

Thin Clients solutions increase productivity. Replacement is easy. Lower maintenance is required as compared to the standard PCs that take longer time to repair. Better work integration is developed because the same apps and data can be accessed to the thin clients connected with a network.

The IT solution creates a dynamic and flexible IT environment which is the need of today's Utility industry.

A Quick Overview on Why Choose MEDLEY

Medley is a famous name in providing end-to-end solutions for VXL Thin clients. We have been in the service since 1990's and have vast experience in serving the best server based computing solutions to wide array of industries.

  • Medley provides complete Thin Client solutions to the Utility Industry
  • Promise to offer cost effective solutions
  • Provide all local support
  • Ready to guide you to set up the cloud computing
  • Offer assistance from time to time if required
  • Maintain happy customer relationships

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